Buy Christensen Arms Traverse In USA


Buy Christensen Arms Traverse In USA

Are you looking for the best place to Buy Christensen Arms Traverse In USA? is the safest place to find christensen ridgeline in usa. We supply grade 1 Handguns, Centerfire pistols, shotguns, machine guns, Ammos etc.

New for 2019, the Traverse elevates Christensen Arms’ backcountry rifle services with time-commemorated styling and performance. The Monte-Carlo carbon fiber composite gunstock offers it a conventional feel, even as the mild goal contour Christensen Arms carbon fiber wrapped barrel, stainless-steel side-baffle brake, 0-MOA optic rail, and backside picatinny rail make sure contemporary operation. The Traverse weighs in beginning at 7.three kilos and is subsidized via way of means of the Christensen Arms Sub-MOA Guarantee

Is Christensen Arms a decent organization?

The organization’s magnificent parts and scrupulousness make its firearms alluring to serious shooters and trackers, yet in spite of the state of the art plan and fantastic precision potential, these rifles aren’t expensive to the point that they’re far off for the typical individual

Are Christensen Arms rifles precise?

Our TFM and Culmination TI rifles are ensured to fire ½ MOA or better in many types. Select bigger types are upheld by a Sub-MOA ensure. All Christensen Arms 1911 handguns have a 2″ 5-fired 25-yard precision ensure. Many elements impact exactness like ammo, conditions, shooter capacity, and so on.

Firearm capabilities Christensen Arms Traverse 28 Nosler
Barrel –
Christensen arms 416R stainless steel Aerograde Carbon Fiber Wrapped
chrome steel Radial Brake (detachable)
Threaded Muzzle 5/eight×24 (trendy)
movement assembly –
Christensen hands Precision Machined Receiver
STD Rem 700 Optics Base like minded
oversized Fluted Bolt Knob
0-MOA Rail
Firearm specifications
producer: Christensen arms
model: Traverse
caliber: 6.five Creedmoor
Barrel period: 24″
stock: Black with grey Webbing
Muzzle Threading: five/8×24
Barrel Twist: 1:eight″
other capabilities: Enlarged Bolt manage; mild goal Contour / unfastened Floating Barrel; Monte-Carlo style inventory
Weight: 7.three lbs,

Buy Christensen Arms Traverse In USA

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