Taurus Judge Stainless For Sale

Taurus Judge Stainless For Sale


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Taurus made the shotgun pistol famous in 2006 when it introduced the Judge, a revolver chambered in .45 Long Colt and .410-bore. The .410 handgun enjoyed a brief surge in popularity and other gun manufactures quickly followed suit, introducing their own “hand cannons.” But the platform wasn’t a new concept. Pistols were designed with shotgun barrels long before Taurus debuted the Judge. Guns such as the Civil War-era Lemat, Ithaca’s Auto & Burglar, and the Leinad Cobray Derringer are just a few of the many wheelguns and break-actions that were designed to fire shotshells (the Lemat used a .63-caliber grapeshot, not a conventional shotshell from a lower barrel).

When the Judge was released, it was billed as a personal defense firearm. And .410 handguns could be useful in some self-defense situations (carrying in a car for example). But, they are typically not small-framed guns—the Judge is nearly 10 inches long—so that makes them more cumbersome to conceal carry than a sub-compact semi-auto pistol. Also, .410 buckshot loads don’t always pattern well at longer distances from a pistol with a rifled barrel.

A revolver that shoots .410 shotshells can be an effective home-defense tool, and there are shotshells that have been specifically designed for this purpose, like Hornady’s Critical Defense and Winchester’s PDX1 Defender. But there are certainly better platforms; for instance, a tactical 20- or -12-gauge pump, like a Remington 870 or Mossberg 500. And there are a myriad of semi-auto pistols that make more sense—and are far more effective—than a .410 revolver.

In reality, the best purpose these revolvers serve is for quickly dispatching pests. Have a rattler on the front porch? Grab the .410 pistol loaded with bird shot. Same goes for the raccoons in your trash can, or packs of squirrels nibbling away at the Adirondack chairs you spent the last three winters making (of course, always make sure to follow local ordinances and game laws when taking out backyard pests).

Also, .410 pistols are just plain fun to shoot. I’ve tried to crack clay targets with one and spent afternoons shooting old Pabst cans off sawhorses with another. Plus, most of them are relatively affordable, which makes them an ideal garden gun or just a fun firearm to shoot while the months between hunting seasons tick by. And though .410 pistols aren’t as popular as they were a decade ago, there are still some innovative firearms being made, particularly if you like the flexibility of shooting multiple calibers from the action of a single gun

A few years after Taurus launched the Judge, Smith & Wesson debuted the Governor, which is a more compact revolver (8½ inches with a 2¾-inch barrel) that can shoot .410, .45 ACP, or .45 Colt. The biggest difference is the Governor can only shoot 2½-inch .410 loads as opposed to the 3-inch capability of the Judge. But the Governor has a six-round magazine, so you get one more .410 shell than with the Taurus. There are two Governor models distinguished by their exterior finish. One is an all-stainless-steel variant, and the second has a stainless PVD application to the cylinder and the frame is made of scandium alloy, which includes a mixture of aluminum in the metal. Both guns weigh just under 30 ounces, have fixed rear sights, and a dove-tailed front sight,Buy Taurus Judge Stainless 



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