Taurus Judge Stainless

Raging Judge

Raging Judge

The Raging Bull comes in several models, classified by caliber. Additionally, each model has its own barrel length and metal finish options.



  • Model 218 (Raging Bee): .218 Bee caliber, 10″ barrel. Stainless steel only.
  • Model 22H (Raging Hornet): .22 Hornet caliber, 10″ barrel. Stainless steel only.
  • Model 30C (Raging Thirty): .30 Carbine caliber, 10″ barrel. Stainless steel only.
  • Model 416: .41 Magnum caliber.
  • Model 45: .45 Colt caliber only and featured a six-round cylinder
  • Model 480: .480 Ruger caliber.
  • Model 500: .500 S&W Magnum caliber, can also fire the shorter .500 S&W Special.
  • Model 513 Ultralite (Raging Judge): .45 Colt, .410 shot shell – featured a light weight frame, 3 inch barrel and 7 round cylinder.
  • Model 528 (Raging Judge XXVIII) (Never released): 28 gauge shot shell

Raging Hornet revolver in .22 Hornet

Optional finishes include stainless steel, matte stainless steel, nickel-plated and blued. Barrel options include 2″, 4″, 6″, 8″, 10″. Not all finishes or barrels are available for every model. All models have ported barrels, except for the 22H, 30C, 513, 528 and Ultralite. All models have fixed front sights and adjustable rear sights.

The Raging Hornet, the Raging Bee and the Raging Thirty have yellow rubber insert strips, as opposed to the typical red strip.

Most Raging Bull variants can mount commercial optical sights and lasers with the aid of an optional screw-on Picatinny rail.

Raging Hunter[edit]

The Raging Hunter is a series of revolvers developed by Taurus in 2019, chambered for .357 Magnum, .38 Special +P and .44 Magnum. A .454 Casullvariant was created in 2020,[2] and another for .460 S&W Magnum in 2021.[3] In the 2019 NRA Golden Bullseye Awards, the Raging Hunter won “handgun of the year.”[4] Raging Hunter revolvers are fitted with a Picatinny rail,[5] and may have a barrel length of 5.12 inches (130 mm), 6.75 inches (171 mm), or 8.37 inches (213 mm),[6] allowing for an overall length of 11.6 inches (290 mm), 13.2 inches (340 mm), or 14.9 inches (380 mm), respectively.[7] The Raging Hunter weighs 54 ounces (1.5 kg).[8]


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