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Walther PDP

Walther PDP

The Walther PDP (Performance Duty Pistol) is a 9×19mm Parabellum semi-automatic pistol designed in 2021 by Walther Arms as a replacement for the Walther PPQ. The PDP has been designed to be more modular than previous Walther handguns, and has been described by Walther as their flagship handgun.[2]

The 4.5″ striker fired, Walther PDP Full Size 9mm pistol is the new pinnacle of over a century of Walther engineering and innovation. Every Walther PDP is red dot ready. The pistol comes standard with adjustable three dot sights and a cover plate. Walther will provide the compatible plate for you choice of optic free of charge through their website. But the PDP is not just red dot ready, it’s red dot maximized. Using what Walther calls Red Dot Ergonomics, the PDP’s grip is enhanced by a subtle forward flair at it’s base that works with your natural grip to help bring the dot up to meet your eye. The result is faster, more natural target acquisition even under stress. Speaking of stress, Walther’s Performance Duty Texture and raised Super Terrain Serrations provide a firm but comfortable grip for the operation of the firearm under the toughest conditions. The PDP compact was designed to be modular from the very beginning so that every frame size will work with every slide length so you can tailor your firearm to your specific needs. Walther has a reputation for great triggers and this gun delivers. The Performance Duty Trigger builds on the already amazing trigger found in the PPQ with a shorter length of travel, more defined wall, and even shorter reset resulting in what can only be called, the new king of out of the box striker fired triggers. As an added bonus The PDP works with existing PPQ M2 magazines. The Walther PDP is ready for duty. Are you?

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The first pre-production PDPs were distributed in 2020,[3] and the pistol was released in February 2021.[4] As the PDP was released, the PPQ ceased production.[5] In 2022, Walther released a new variant of the PDP at that year’s SHOT Show, the PDP SD Pro, which includes a threaded barrel, optic cut, and an improved trigger.[6]


The PDP is a striker-fired, recoil operated semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum,[7] with a longer grip and larger magazine capacity than the previous Walther design, the PPQ. The PDP is produced in full-size and compact grip frame variants.[8] The grip uses a custom texture, which makes acquisition of the red dot easier, and improves handling of the pistol in adverse weather conditions.[9]

The slide on the PDP is milled,[10] allowing it to accept red dot sights without prior modification,[11] and the slide contains serrations above the surface, making it easier to operate.[8] The three-dot iron sight line features the same mounting method that is used on Glock pistols, meaning the PDP can accept aftermarket Glock iron sight lines.[8]

The trigger is cross-compatible with the PPQ, but is lighter due to a shortened takeup. It has a trigger pull of approximately 25 N (5.6 lbf).[3]


American Rifleman called the PDP an “excellent addition to the market that will allow Walther to compete strongly against the established leaders”, praising its “best-in-class trigger, excellent controls and exceptional accuracy.” The author said that it outperformed other striker-fired pistols he had used in the past, and went on to call the PDP his “current choice” for striker-fired pistols.[12] Guns & Ammo described it as “the most modular and versatile pistol designed by Walther”, also noting its accuracy and high quality trigger.[3]

Guns.com called the PDP’s ergonomics “revolutionary”,[13] and named it as one of the best guns of the year.[14]


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